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30 kisses - Wada Calcium Pills

Themed “Wada Calcium CD3”
Number 28 - 30_kisses
Atobe Keigo/ Syuusuke Fuji Only
By Maria-chan

“I’m going to go visit Tezuka today.”

Atobe looks at Fuji carefully, eyes searching, as if he could simply use foresight and see what the hell the other teen was thinking.

“…His shoulder acted up during a game. He had to go to the hospital.”

There is nothing in Fuji’s tone that reveals anything, and for sure, there is nothing in his face, either. It was useless to look, if Fuji didn’t want him to know something, then he wouldn’t. Atobe returns half his attention to the mocha cake.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

Fuji shakes his head, and pushes back his chair, smiling. “I’ll be fine. You should have the mp3 of my new song in your inbox by now. Enjoy.” He is but a scent of faint vanilla as he bends down, pecks Atobe on the cheek, and walks out of the tiny café.

Atobe paces the length of his car, one step in front of the other, and looks up at the hospital across the street again. There is nobody coming out, at least, nobody of any importance. Not Fuji.

He walks the length of the car again, before giving a growl of frustration and throwing his hands in the air. Syuusuke was probably enjoying this, dammit!

Looking around, he sees a grocery, a toyshop, a pharmacy, a flower shop--!

Smirking, Atobe leaves his place beside the sleek black convertible, and walks into the shop, emerging later with a package...


"...So the teacher actually walked out." Fuji laughed, as Tezuka tried to hide his own smile with a frown, but failing miserably.

"You shouldn't antagonise the teachers like that, you're gonna get into-"

Both boys looked up as the door suddenly opened, and a smirking Atobe stood there, with a package in his hands. "Tezuka."


Tezuka looked at the Hyoutei captain, gauging, though it seemed that this encounter was quite different form any before... He raised a brow as Atobe's eyes zeroed-in on Fuji, before glaring into his own.

Was the diva jealous?

Tezuka hid a smile, and instead, nodded his greeting. "What brings you here, Atobe?"

Unfaltering, Atobe's irked pout transformed into an almost-flirtratious smirk before he set down the package on Tezuka's bedside table. "I heard about your injury, get well soon- our victory over Seigaku won't be the same unless you're there."

With that, Atobe moved over, caught Fuji in a kiss, and stalked out.

Tezuka blinked and looked at the dazed tensai. "What was that about?"

Fuji could only blink and have the decency to flush scarlet at the public display of... affection? More like possession, dammit. His eyes closed in a smile, and Tezuka hid his discomfort.

Whatever Fuji was planning for Atobe... He chose to distract himself by opening the package, and sweatdropped. A strained muscle... had nothing to do with-

"Calcium pills?"

The steel edge in Fuji's tone made Tezuka wince inwardly. Whatever Atobe was gonna get, he didn't want a part in it.


Post-script: Well... uhm? Yeah... this was horribly done, I know. totally unplanned, and didn't go at all the way I wanted it to go.

Basically, Atobe was merely looking for a way to show Tezuka that Fuji was his? And Fuji doesn't like being treated like that? *wince* I totally didn't get the point across here, did I? Men-GO!!!

I promise the next one will be better. ;.;

ick. this was badly done, I know... >< urk... bleargh.
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