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30_kisses: Candy

30_kisses: ‘Candy’
Atobe Keigo/ Fuji Syuusuke Only
By: Maria-chan

Chew, chew, chew

Chew, chew, chew

A frown marred Atobe’s eyebrows as he tried to concentrate on his homework. Being in the Junior-Senbatsu didn’t, unfortunately, exempt you form any curricular work. He really found this annoying, especially since, being Ore-sama should’ve exempted him in the first place.


He visibly flinched at the loud sound, and flinched again when his roommate resumed chewing.

Chew, chew, chew



Chew, chew, chew

“Could you stop that?”

Chew, chew, chew

“Stop what?”

Chew, chew, chew


Atobe flinched again, and glared into innocent-looking blue eyes. A faint smell of strawberries had began to waft around the room, reaching and surrounding Atobe. He was really curious, that time he found a stick of imported Super Bubblicious Gum (Green Apple) on their shared dresser, but soon found himself trying to repress urges to strangle Marui.

After a while, he had also come to learn that Fuji loved his gum, and unless you wanted to go to hell, you did not mess with him, nor his gum.

Despite Ore-sama’s indifference towards any irrelevant Seigaku freshman, he still pitied the poor boy whenever he remembered the incident.

Really, you didn’t go in between Fuji and his gum. Even Marui deemed that he had created a monster (but the cheers after that weren’t very encouraging, neither were the rumours that Marui was giving free gum to anyone who cared for one)

Chew, chew, chew

Atobe’s eye twitched. “Fuji. Could you please stop chewing your gum for at least until I finish my homework??” There. He’d asked nicely. Hell had frozen over, and birds had grown tentacles, but he did. Fuji would have to say—


“Augh! Why the hell not??” Atobe looked at the tensai on his bed, and wished he hadn’t. Long-ish brown hair fell away from the pale face as Fuji rolled over and looked at Atobe upside down, blue eyes wide open in curious innocence.

“Because I like chewing gum.”

Atobe pursed his lips, and narrowed his eyes, before standing up, and folding up his homework. “I’m going off to Oshitari’s room to do my homework, seeing as you’re being unreasonable.”

With that, he left in a huff, slamming the door behind him.

Fuji smirked, rolling back over and continuing his homework, blowing a big bubble, and double-popping it.


Until of course, a certain diva stormed in threw his books onto the table, and stood in front of the tensai, arms akimbo.

Putting on his innocent mask, Fuji smiled. “You’ve finished your homework? You must be really smart, then. But you need to finish homework quickly, when tennis practice consumes most of your time-“

Cerulean orbs stared into a wastebasket.

“Spit it out,” Atobe ordered, voice deceptively smooth.

Fuji stared at him with open eyes, and a small, barely-there pout whilst he chewed on. “Why?”

“Fuji, don’t make me—“

Atobe’s eyes narrowed as Fuji turned away, and picked up his previously discarded pen.

Even if Fuji disregarded his request, annoyed him, and even impudently, blatantly refused an order, Ore-sama was not to be ignored.


Fuji almost swallowed his gum as he suddenly found himself pinned down and nose-to-nose with Atobe. A smirk graced the diva’s features as he whispered into Fuij’s ear.

“I told you not to make me.”

Fuji blinked, as one second, Atobe’s mouth was by his ear, and the next, on his lips, tongue pushing into his mouth.

Just when he thought to actually respond, Atobe had pulled away, smirking triumphantly. Fuji was still at a loss, lips parted.

“Missing something?”

The tensai snapped back into reality as he found himself watching Atobe Keigo chew gum. His gum.

Speechless and with a flush on his cheeks was the look for Fuji, Atobe decided, as he leant back and prepared to stand up. “You should’ve known that Ore-sama will get what he wants. I can’t believe Oshitari’s chewing gum as well. What is it with tensais and che-“

Instead, he found himself almost choking on the strawberry torture-device as the wind was knocked out of him, and he found roles reversed.

Next thing he knew, Fuji’s tongue had darted into his mouth, and began doing certainly wonderful things. Moaning, Atobe relaxed, and let his arms wrap themselves around Fuji’s waist.

Swirling his tongue around Atobe’s, Fuji smirked as he got what he wanted, and pulled back, only to push Atobe down as he tried to follow.

Blowing a bubble… POP.

Atobe blinked as the pink bubble burst right in front of his face. “Fuji!!!”


A/N: For Ranier because I ♥ her for making me feel better and hypnotising me into non-crankiness. And also to anybody who’s ever written a Yue/Ruby Moon ficcu.

And to anyone who’s planning, or has already commented on this. ♥ you sooooo much!! *hugshugshugs*
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