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Theme 1

Title: Attention
Author: Maria-chan
Pairing: Atobe Keigo/ Fuji Syuusuke Only
Fandom: Tennis no Oujisama
Theme: #1 Look Over Here
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: A little prequel to ‘Perfect Blue’. A little more on Kasumi… with not-so-much angst. For once. XDDD

The manor gardens, however spacious, were filled with people, guests and servers and family. You could look anywhere, and see at least one person on that one spot you chose to look.

And that was outside. Inside, he had almost wanted to tell everyone to get out, he wanted to breathe, and it would do no good killing the groom-to-be while celebrating that particular fact. Of course, it was actually semi-welcome, but—


Grey eyes narrowed, and he ground his teeth, fighting to keep his composure. Taking a discreet, hopefully calming breath, he turned around to face the speaker, not even bothering to follow his mother’s instructions to attempt a “loving” smile. Instead, the usual smirk greeted Shiroibara. [1]

“What is it?”

She moved towards him, a slight frown on her face. “Is something wrong?”

Nosy woman. Shaking his head, he turned back to the gardens, not caring if it was a rude gesture.

“Keigo!” Affronted, Kasumi reached for his shoulder, but spotting something- someone, he stepped aside and walked away briskly, towards the general direction of that familiar, familiar face. How did he…?

Just as he caught sight of that familiar face, that familiar long hair, that familiar smile- a hand on his wrist, pulling him to a halt, and a slightly-flushed Kasumi (from tiredness or from indignation- he didn’t care, really) right in his way made him stop.

“Keigo!” She hissed under her breath, stepping closer on the pretence of adjusting his bowtie. “Your mother’s watching…”

Wench thought she held the cards… I don’t really care… Even his thoughts were preoccupied and somewhere else… His grey eyes never wavered from that lithe form, dressed in a turtleneck under a formal jacket. A familiar pendant glinted in the garden’s lights as Fuji turned halfway to pluck a drink from a passing waitress.

“Keigo!!!” She was persistent now, turning his face to face her, and kissing him hungrily… But his eyes never wavered, not even when her hair was in his eyes, and it itched.

“LOOK AT ME!!!” She was desperate now, screaming and turning his head so that she could meet his eyes. People were looking now, even Fuji. Those eyes, blue, blue eyes he could get lost in… he turned to face her, and took her hands off him, frowning.

“Please behave in the proper manner in public, Kasumi. I wish to speak to my friends.”

Leaving her stunned, he began to walk back towards the hall, but not without a last glance at a wryly-smiling Fuji.

“You shouldn’t have humiliated her like that. She is, after all, your wife to be.” The voice was placid, deceptively calm, when both of them knew that if given a chance, Fuji Shuusuke would as soon as give away his hands than to give something up without a fight, or at least a poke of revenge.

“I couldn’t…”

“…Couldn’t?” Fuji looked at him, peered at him from the balcony railing where he leant. They were in one of the numerous rooms in Atobe Mansion. It looked familiar- he couldn’t remember if they’d been here before, perhaps during one of their innocent study sessions… or their not-as-innocent ones?

All train of though escaped him, when too many things happened at one time, all shocking in their entirety. Warm, hungry lips sought his own just as the door opened; and a tentative voice, slightly apologetic, with an undercurrent of dark emotions called out: “Keigo?”

For a moment there, his own blue eyes, bared in surprise, clashed with a burning shade of brown. From shame, or anger, he didn’t know. And then, he decided.



Atobe Keigo was left in the darkened room, holding on the silver token in his hands, all alone, but for the lights reflected from downstairs, and the myriad of noises from oblivious party-goers.


Just this… For now, anyway. Just a little warmup… I’m a bit rusty. C&C still appreciated though!! I’m sorry for not writing for a long time now… ^^;;; *hides*

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