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30k Space Between Dream & Reality

Title: Maturity
Author/Artist: Maria-chan
Pairing: Atobe Keigo/ Fuji Syuusuke
Fandom: Prince Of Tennis
Theme: No. 6: The space between dream and reality
Disclaimer: Tenipuri, all characters and related indicia are © Konomi Takeshi.


Everyone had dreams.

When he was young, he had dreams of capturing the best photograph there ever was- getting all he wanted in one precious shot, and getting recognition for it.

Later on, he had dreams of being one of the best tennis players in the world… After which he promptly forgot it and decided that he simply wanted to be the best brother he could be for Yuuta.

And then, he had dreams about people. People like Kojiroh, like his captain, like Keigo. The dream regarding Keigo had been long-drawn and serious, up to the point that he wondered if it was actually merely a dream, after all.

For several years, he was actually living a dream- and for a good part of that time, he was wondering whether it was actually a dream, or if reality had suddenly blessed him. Of course… what goes up needed to come down. Nobody was that blessed.

It all came crashing down, just ad if the alarm clock started ringing, and your dream world was suddenly thrown into confusion. Where was that ringing coming from??? Everything would shake, and start to dissipate, and eventually, simply dissolve into nothingness.

In the end, all that came to nothing. He wondered, sometimes, if he was selfish to still wish for that. But it hurt- everything hurts more, when you had already tasted bliss, only to be pulled away from it.

And he was still wishing, five years, eight years, ten years later.

Two years ago, he stopped.

He didn’t hate himself for his dreams. If people discover too young that their dreams are baseless, they become disillusioned and cynical. If they discover too old, he doubted they’d care.

In the end, all he could do was accept it. It was like a kiss of life, refreshing him. It gave him a somewhat renewed energy, to do what he needed to do, wanted to- he could wait, but he wouldn’t dream for something that wasn’t his anymore. His time had passed.
There were still people like Oishi and Eiji, still in contact after oh-so-long. And Ryoma, and other friends made from his schoolboy days. They were still dreaming, of childhood dreams, even if their childhoods were over.

But that wasn’t quite correct… they were still children, deep inside. Perhaps, their bodies, and minds had matured, but still, there was a small flame of innocence and childish hopes somewhere in them.
His fire was extinguished when Keigo left.
And he had grown up. He wasn’t a child anymore. Childhood dreams aren’t meant to be lived; they’re only there to be remembered. He was living in the real world now…

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