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FIC: Intoxicated ...OT3 #2 *gasp*

Title: Intoxicated
By: Maria-chan
Summary: What happens when you put Atobe, the snarky gaki, an evil Yukimura and an exasperated Fuji (and two stoic, quiet, plotwise, unobtrusive captains) together with a bottle (or five) of sake? Ryo/Fuji/Tezuka, hinted Atobe/Tezuka *gasp*
Genre: Humour
Rating: PG 13
Note: I really… don’t wish to… comment. >< Shoot me, please?

"C'mon, are you sure you don't want a sip?"

Smiling wider, Fuji simply shook his head, refusing the cup Atobe held out for him. "I don't drink, Atobe- it's bad for your health, isn't it?" Taking a drink of his tea to prove his point, turning the cup, and setting it down firmly in front of him.

"Mada mada da ne, Fuji-sempai."

Cat eyes looked at the smiling boy directly, as if challengingly. And to prove his point, Ryoma downed his cup in one go, before turning to ask Yukimura for more.

"Fuji-kun, are you sure you won't have any? It's not strong at all, and it's good for a cold day like this." Smiling, Rikkai's buchou (still) poured another cup for Ryoma, and one for Tezuka, who had set his cup down.

"Seiichi, don't force him-"

Sanada blinked as Fuji finished his tea and extended his cup to Yukimura, an unreadable smile on his face. "Just a bit, please, then everyone can stop bothering me."

Tezuka looked at the smiling face beside his, staring through that smile, and obviously disapproving. "Fuji-" his eyes widened as the tensai frowned, and downed the entire cup in one gulp, despite never having drunk sake before. The Seigaku captain immediately set his cup down to pat the coughing boy's back, ignoring Atobe's smirk.

Fuji's throat was burning, and the liquid fire seemed to pool in his stomach-- he coughed, and tried hard not to gag, but he did not like the feeling at all. He bent over double, trying to quench the nauseous feeling he was getting...

Sanada raised an eyebrow as the brat-- Echizen, actually had the gall to smirk and ask Fuji how it was. He watched, over another cup of sake (his fourth, actually) as the boy's coughing subsided, and everyone else stared in concern, or curiosity.

“Another one.”

Tezuka blinked. “Fuji, are you sure that would be wise?” He looked at the tensai’s face, covered by his hair. What the heck was he thinking- shit.

Tezuka frowned, and rubbed his nose bridge as he sat back, and watched warily, as a flushed Fuji extended his cup to a beaming Yukimura. You couldn’t tell anything through that wide grin he wore on his face, but… the telltale rosy bloom on the tensai’s cheeks was proof enough.

“Lighten up, Tezuka…” He frowned at Atobe, who had moved over and had a hand on his shoulder. It’s not everyday you get to see the Seigaku’s Prodigy drunk and unguarded like this.”

Tezuka just sighed and took a drink from his own cup.

“So, Fuji-sempai, how was it?” The freshman’s smirk widening, Fuji simply grinned and shrugged. “Mada mada- sempai??”

Ryoma struggled under the glomp he had been enveloped in, almost spilling his drink. A wide grin was stretched across Fuji’s face as he kissed his kouhai wetly on the cheek, ruffling his hair. “Ochibi-chan’s SO CUTE!”

Everyone watched, eyes wide, and then blinked. That was unexpected. Tezuka simply closed his eyes and rubbed his nose bridge again. He really hoped nothing would get damaged…

Fuji continued to ruffle Ryoma’s hair, pressing his cheek against his head. “Always going ‘Mada mada da ne’-“ he mimicked Ryoma’s intonation, grinning. “And being so snarky. You should respect your sempais more, you know!”

Fuji was really talkative that day… Sanada shrugged it off, and continued drinking.

Atobe smirked and held out his own cup, half-full. “Fuji-kun, would you like another cup?”

Grinning, Fuji looked at him, and let go of a very ruffled Ryoma, taking Atobe’s cup and dropping heavily onto the Hyoutei captain’s lap. “Thank you, Atobe jii-san!”

Atobe’s cheek twitched. Uncle?? He turned, swearing that he heard Tezuka snort, only to see the captain watching all this with a somewhat… pissed look on his face. How dare Tezuka…

He smirked up at the drinking Fuji, and took the cup away, after the tensai drained what was left of it. “Thank you!” And he kissed him too, only this time, smack on the lips.

Sanada watched, amused, as Yukimura looked confusedly, and smiling, at two suddenly very tense teammates of the tensai. Ryoma pulled down his cap, glare piercing through Atobe, who had turned the innocent kiss into a tonsil-hockey session, and Tezuka’s cheek twitched, his cup seemingly cracking as he held onto it.

“I think Fuji-sempai’s had enough to drink today-“

“Yukimura-kun, may I know whether you have a guest room--?”

Receiving the directions, Ryoma stood up, face a dark cloud, and stalked away to prepare the room, and Tezuka pulled a very stunned looking Fuji away from a smirking Atobe, eyes narrowed.

He stood up, looking as angry as his stoic expression could let him be. “I will take my leave now- thank you for the drinks.”

As Tezuka left, carrying Fuji out bridal-style, Atobe laughed. “I think… interesting things are going to happen, don’t you think so, Yukimura-kun?”

“Do you think we should go make sure they’re aright?” the smiling boy asked him, already standing up and opening the door.

Sanada sighed. “We should just leave them alone…”

Ryoma was frowning, in concern he had to admit, as Tezuka carried Fuji in and laid him down on the prepared futon. Ryoma sighed, and took out some medicine. “Fuji-sempai, here- drink this first.”

Propping the drunk boy up and setting his head down on his lap, Tezuka sighed as Fuji reached out for the cup- and missed.

“Why are there two of you, Echizen-kun?”

Ryoma and Tezuka’s eyes met, both full of confusion as to what to do. Fuji solved it for them, as he reached over and pulled Tezuka down, kissing him hard, before pulling away and doing the same to Ryoma as well.

To say the least, neither of them needed too much prompting.

Frustrated at the fact that Fuji was wearing a turtleneck, Tezuka wondered why the hell he didn’t agree to Yukimura’s suggestion of plain yukatas. Ryoma wondered the same thing, and left Fuji for a while to kiss his buchou to remind bring him back to reality again.

Fuji smirked and pounced on his junior, nipping at his neck and laughing at the annoyed sound he made, before kissing Tezuka again and leaving a wet trail from his mouth to his neck.

Tezuka closed his eyes and sighed, but opened them again as he felt a dead weight on his shoulder.

Ryoma couldn’t help but smirk. “He fell asleep.”

The next day, a very hung over Fuji shut everyone up on the tennis courts, though both Ryoma and Tezuka had to hide smiles when blue eyes settled on them, and were quickly averted.

It seemed Fuji was the type who remembered even when drunk.



Postscript: Uhm… @.@ No comment, really. It was strange, I know. Ergh. I can’t write humor to save my life.

But come on, how many of you knew I was this much of a perv? ^.~;; Atobe/Fuji/Tezuka and Yukimura/Fuji/Tezuka still rank as the top along with this one. XDDD

Three... XDDDD!!!
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