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30_kisses: Cassette Player

Title: His Secret and Her His Longing Part 1
By: Maria-chan
Themes: “Radio-Cassette Player” and “Superstar”
Summary: Two separate ficlets that relate to one another, one from Fuji’s pov, the other, from Atobe’s. Both take place at (almost) the same time, on February 14th, the day of the evil, naked, flying, arrow-shooting imps.
Genre: Angst, Romance… as always.
Disclaimer: *takes out signboard* NOT MINE!!

Radio Cassette Player

The feel of leather against the back of his neck was relaxing; along with the faint scent of lavender from the air purifier, and the soft hum of the air-conditioning system.

The leather was cool, and he turned his head to the side, just to get his cheek to touch the surface. Sighing, Atobe closed his eyes.

Finally, the board meeting was over.

Bunch of unromantic old fogeys.

Opening one of his eyes, Atobe cast a glance around his spacious office, as if checking for any backstabbing subordinate gathering blackmail material. Assuring himself that there was nobody around, and that the door was closed, he reached for his drawer- the smallest one nearest to him, full of personal effects.

And he took out an aged cassette-tape player, given to him around six or seven years ago by a smiling nineteen-year old. “Old things fascinate me,” he had half-whispered, almost wistfully. </i>“Especially how they have lasted so long, until now, when I give it to you.

“Besides,”</i> he had added, “It holds even more charm now, doesn’t it? As if it knows something else, much more, that you don’t.”

Absently, Atobe pressed the eject button, and plucked out the tape from inside; a simple, unlabelled cassette tape, with paper yellowing slightly from age. Smiling and fingering one corner that was already curling off, Atobe took it out and replaced it with another one, an exact copy, just on a newer tape.

He never wanted to lose the original.

Fuji would say it was silly, that it was meant to be used and listened to, but he would only retort with how Fuji did that as well.

A small smile crept up on the CEO’s lips, unnoticed.

More memories wafted through his mind, faint and mere glimpses of bits and pieces, just like smoke, accompanied by the soft music that came from the long-outdated accessory.

“You’re too materialistic! Think about something else, would you, even for a moment??”

An argument, a long time ago… He remembered talking about the expensive antiques that his mother owned.

”If your wellbeing is at risk, don’t you think feelings are negligible?”

Who was being materialistic then?

Thoughts strayed towards that last kiss shared behind some curtain at his engagement party...

A short, dry laugh escaped Atobe. Being the head of an international, multi-million company wasn’t as fun as he thought. He hardly had the time to actually enjoy what he had got through hid inheritance, hard work… and wiles.

Half his time, he spent with people trying to backstab, blackmail, and throw him off his position.

But suppose… Fuji might actually find it fun, in a sardonic kind of way.

As the last song on the tape ended, a slight coughing began, and a teenage version of a voice that he hadn’t heard for a year or so.

A voice he hadn’t heard since he had married.

“Keigo, don’t you dare forget. I’ll wait for your twenty-ninth birthday, and hold a concert. By hook or by crook, I’ll be singing for you onstage. A week before, you’ll get that invitation, and you’d better come.

I don’t know how things will be in the future,” the tone of sadness suddenly seemed to be so trivial back then, when they knew what was coming…

“But as a friend, even, you’d better come.” When the inevitable actually came, neither of them were prepared for how painful it actually was.

Twenty-ninth, Syuusuke. I've been waiting… I'll always be waiting. Two more years...will it really come?

He really disliked Valentines Day, he thought, as his phne began to ring, Kasumi's name flashing on the ID.

Presumably, about their 'special' dinner... she was forver trying to get him to think of her, but--


A/N: R&R would be appreciated, patted on the head, and given a nice home in my heart! *insert melodramatic music* I will love them forever and ever… *fake!sob*
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