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FIC: Daisy (Bouquet)

Maria-chan presents,

The ‘Bouquet’ Series
‘loyal love and innocence’
Tezuka Kunimitsu / Fuji Syuusuke Only

“I’m sorry, Haruka-san, but I don’t feel the same way.”

Watching the girl nod and bow, face flushed, Tezuka bowed in return and began to walk away. She had taken it better than some of the others- it was an unvoiced relief that she didn’t cry.

Tezuka looked at what was undoubtedly a box of chocolates, or something as sweet and mundane, wrapped prettily in pink-and-red paper. He felt guilty, having turned her away. Truthfully, Haruka was a nice girl, and responsible for her age. She wasn’t beautiful, but she wasn’t ugly either. She would find some lucky guy and be really happy.

Looking up and entering the tennis courts, his gaze met that of a certain genius. He held the blue gaze until a smile slipped on milliseconds, and stowed away those pools of azure, and any feelings he thought he might’ve seen.

Fuji nodded to him, and turned away, going off to play against one of the other regulars, seemingly consumed in practice.

Anyone who might’ve seen the transition wouldn’t have suspected a thing. They weren’t supposed to, and Tezuka would do anything for them not to.


“Sore ja, minna!”

A chorus of ‘ja!’ resounded from the remaining few members, and Oishi and Kikumaru left for class, along with some other Regulars. Eventually, Tezuka was left alone, dressing up as Inui talked about the fluctuations in the Regular’s performance.

“…Echizen’s speed seems to have decreased by 0.76%, whilst Kikumaru’s has increased quite notably. I hear Fuji has been helping him train since after the Rokkaku matches.”

Tezuka nodded, taking note of everything. He buttoned up his shirt, and began rolling up the sleeves. Inui murmured something, before picking up his bag and notebook. “Ja, Tezuka.”

Absently, the Captain nodded and started to put on his blazer, putting one arm in, then reaching out behind him to slip in his other arm.

As the clubhouse door clicked shut, the blazer sleeve slipped over his arm, and up his shoulder. Turning around, Tezuka came face to face with cerulean again. “Fuji.”

The sudden innocuous smile on Fuji’s face concealed his eyes almost immediately. “Saa... don’t over-exert yourself, Kunimitsu.”

His collar was straightened, and his shoulders were dusted, freed from any imaginary lint. “The Nationals are over, you deserve a break. The team deserves a break.”

“We only have a month of High School left.”

As Fuji pinned the Seigaku badge onto the collar, the smile on his face transformed, coming across as almost wry… sad, even. But when the pin was secured and the uniform had passed inspection, Fuji stepped away with his usual smile on his face.

Tezuka began packing his things he needed, and re-organised his locker as Fuji changed out of his Regular’s uniform.

The moment the tensai had opened his locker, several red-pink-and-white envelopes fluttered out, falling and covering the floor before Fuji’s feet.

Sighing, the tensai bent to pick them up, shuffling them and adding them to a pile held together by a rubber-band, hidden in the depths of his bag. “Saa, more replies to write out, I suppose…”

“You put too much effort in giving each one a reply.”

Fuji’s eyes opened just as his mouth did, but both closed almost immediately as well. Fuji only let his smile grow wider as he began buttoning up his shirt. “I know almost every one of them. Though their reactions would be interesting, I don’t really think toying with real feelings that they try to express is correct.” Fuji turned away, and Tezuka wasn’t able to see his face. “Besides, doesn’t saying out ‘daisuki’ take a lot of courage?”



Fuji paused, hand hovering on top of the doorknob. Lips stretched in their usual curve, Fuji turned to face his captain in question.

“… … …Nevermind.”

The smile merely got wider.

“Saa… See you later, then, Tezuka.” Fuji replied, as he opened the door, and left.



Somehow, he couldn’t help but feel a somewhat ironic wryness in Fuji’s tone, as he murmured his name.

But it was necessary. Nobody should find out about them, their relationship. Should they do…

It was all for the best, really.

For both of them.

They agreed on it, after a quiet discussion one morning.



People turned at the stoic voice, but more so at what he had said, rather than the usual awe-inspiring authority he seemed to always wield.

Fuji’s eyes were wide open, filled with curiosity and a slightest bit of panic. “What is it, Tezuka-buchou?”

The older teen frowned, pausing for a while, thinking in the period of quietude bought by curiosity and shock from eavesdroppers.

“I… Thank you.”

Closing his eyes and hiding his confusion in a smile, Fuji nodded. “You’re welcome,” Uncertainty coloured his voice. “Did you want to talk about something?”


Fuji never wanted to hide. Never wanted to be so restrained with what he wanted to do, especially in such a scrutinising community.

He never wanted to pretend, he never wanted to try to bottle up everything inside, whilst others tried time and again to get him.

Fuji never wanted to be separated…

But he accepted it, just because Tezuka wanted him to.


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I REALLY should'nt have finished this... >< I should've... Ick. It's done.
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